Stormy Daniels Joins All-Star Cast On Epic Saturday Night Live Cold Open -VIDEO

Saturday Night Live‘s opening skit was epic this week with Ben Stiller, Martin Short, Alec Baldwin, Kate McKinnon, Scarlett Johansson, Jimmy Fallon, and Stormy Daniels.

Oh, this was a good one y’all. This week SNL killed it with their Cold Open.

The skit had an all-star cast and some hilarious writing. Ben Stiller returned in his role as Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen. Stiller starts out calling Trump, who was played by Alec Baldwin. And then he loops in several other people in Trump world to the call, ending with the biggest surprise guest, Stormy Daniels…the real Stormy Daniels!

As the skit goes on, it becomes a guessing game of what big star is coming up next. And there were many of them. Rudy Giuliani was played by Kate McKinnon. Trump’s crazy doctor Bornstein was played by comedian Martin Short. Sarah Huckabee Sanders was played by Aidy Bryant. Scarlett Johansson returned in her role as Ivanka. And Jimmy Fallon played Jared.

At the end of the skit, Cohen asks Trump what they should do about the mess with Stormy Daniels. Trump tells him to call her. The audience went wild when they realized it was the real Daniels.

“What do you need for all of this to go away?” Trump asks Daniels.

“A resignation,” she answers to thunderous cheers from the audience.


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