Showtime’s ‘Our Cartoon President’ Hilariously Takes On Trump’s Shark Week -VIDEO

Trump and Putin talk about shark week in the latest episode of “Our Cartoon President.” And it’s hilarious.

One thing’s for sure. Donald Trump is giving the comedians plenty of material.

Late night comedian Stephen Colbert has a hilarious animated series called “Our Cartoon President” which airs on Showtime at 10:30 pm on Sundays and during his weeknight CBS show, “Late Night with Stephen Colbert.”

The series makes fun of Trump and his administration and takes on the news of the day in short episodes. The show follows the life of the president. And no one in his orbit is safe from the comedy. They go after Trump’s relationships and political leaders from both parties. They also take shots at the media.

This week the show mocked Trump’s love of shark week and Russian president Vladimir Putin.

We know that Trump loves Putin based on his own behavior. And we know that he also loves shark week because porn star Stormy Daniels told us about Trump watching the sharks with her the night that they slept together.

So Colbert put the sharks and Putin together in this week’s episode.

The clip starts with Trump laying in his bed watching shark week. He gets very excited about it and calls Putin to talk about it. After Putin tries to tell him that they don’t have shark week on Russian TV, Trump says he’ll catch him up.

“We need to kill all the sharks. I’m thinking we march our armies into the ocean, scare the sharks on to the land, and fight ’em here!”


Here’s another hilarious clip with Rudy Giuliani:

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