Marco Rubio And Alex Jones Get Into Heated Argument Outside Senate Hearing -VIDEO

On Wednesday, Senator Marco Rubio and Infowars wing-nut Alex Jones got into a heated exchange about the supposed social media censorship of conservatives. At one point, after Jones patted Rubio on the shoulder, Rubio threatened to beat him up if he touched him again.

I can’t say I blame Rubio for this one. Alex Jones tried to hijack Rubio’s press gaggle in his typical obnoxious way. Rubio wasn’t having it.

On Wednesday, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) was talking to a group of reporters outside of a Senate hearing where Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey were taking questions about social media bias against conservatives. Infowars loon Alex Jones, who has been kicked off several social media platforms, attended the hearing. And he tried to hijack Rubio’s press gaggle when the men stepped into the hallway.

After Jones interrupted him several times Rubio tried to dismiss him and said, “I don’t even know who you are, man. Who are you?”

Jones, who was standing right in Rubio’s face, went on to call him a “frat boy” and a “snake.”

“That’s why you didn’t get elected. You’re snake-like,” Jones said to Rubio. “Marco Rubio the snake. A little frat boy here.”

At one point, Jones mocked Rubio and patted him on the shoulder, which seemed to infuriate the Senator.

“Don’t touch me again, man. I’m asking you not to touch me,” Rubio angrily said.

Jones then told the reporters that Rubio was going to have him arrested.

“You’re not going to get arrested, man. You’re not going to get arrested,” Rubio said. “I’ll take care of it myself.”

Rubio eventually walked away telling the press that they could talk to the “clown.”

I give Rubio credit for keeping his cool as long as he did. But I have to admit that it’s kinda fun watching righties eat their own.


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