Women Who Wrote Letter In Support Of Brett Kavanaugh No Longer Stand By Him

Remember that letter that 65 women signed last week vouching for Brett Kavanaugh? Well, now that professor Ford has come forward with sexual assault charges against Trump’s SCOTUS nominee, only 5 of the 65 women stand by him.

Last week, shortly after a story broke in the press that Brett Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted a woman 35 years ago when they were both in high school, the Republicans released a letter that had been signed by 65 women vouching for the SCOTUS nominee.

But on Monday morning, Politico reported that now that professor Christine Blasey Ford has come forward and put her name to the accusations against Kavanaugh, only 5 of the 65 women stand by him. Politico says that they attempted to reach all of the women who signed the open letter. And most of them declined to voice their continued support for Kavanaugh.

2 dozen of the 65 women did not respond to Politico and 2 others declined to comment.

Only 5 women, Meghan McCaleb, Julie DeVol, Suzanne Matan, Virginia Hume, and Stephanie Conway McGill, said that they still support Kavanaugh.

“I stand by the letter I signed,” McGill told Politico. “I do not know this woman.”

McCaleb said: “I absolutely stand by the letter we signed.”

But the other 60 women refused to voice their continued support for Kavanaugh.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is set to vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation on Thursday. But Democrats are now demanding a hearing to allow Professor Ford to publicly testify. And they want to question Kavanaugh further about the accusations.

Republican Senator Susan Collins joined the Dems on Monday afternoon, calling for Ford to be heard. And Republican Senator Jeff Flake has said that he’s not comfortable moving forward with this confirmation vote on Thursday.

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