Trump Supporter Gets Humiliated After She Whines About Fair Treatment Of Trump -VIDEO

CNN’s Angela Rye burst out laughing in the face of a Trump supporter after she complained that factual reporting is not fair to Donald Trump.

On Thursday the co-founder of Women for Trump, Amy Kremer made an appearance on CNN to discuss Trump’s pathetic response to the bombs being sent to Democratic leaders and CNN. And it didn’t go well for her.

Kremer made a complete fool of herself when she complained that factual reporting is not fair to Trump. Democratic strategist Angela Rye joined Kremer on the panel. And she couldn’t contain her laughter when Kremer whined about the poor president.

“The president has an obligation to stop picking on reporters,” Rye said. “He’s not only used a bully pulpit, but he’s been a bully.”

After she tried, and failed, to convince show host Chris Cuomo that Trump was “very presidential” in his response to the bombs, Kremer tried to changed the subject.

“Everything Angela just said was an attack on the president,” Kremer said. “Tell me one nice thing about the president.”

“Was any of it untrue?” Cuomo responded.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s untrue or not!” Kremer insisted, causing Rye to burst out laughing at her.

Amy Kremer is just like so many other Trump supporters. When they don’t like the facts they call them fake. Or they whine that the facts are too mean to Trump. Poor little snowflakes.


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