SNL’s Fox News Cold Open Was Spot On, And Hilarious! -VIDEO

SNL took on Fox News’ caravan hysteria this weekend. They were mocking Fox, but the parody was very close to the real thing.

This weekend Saturday Night Live was back, just in time for the midterms. And they opened the show with a hilarious parody of Fox News’ fear-mongering over the migrant caravan making its way north from Honduras.

Kate McKinnon brought back her role as Fox’s Laura Ingraham. And as usual she was brilliant. McKinnon’s Ingraham described the “dozens, maybe millions of illegal immigrants … headed straight for you and your grandchildren.”

And then she repeatedly showed footage of “the caravan.” But the footage was actually shots of shoppers flooding the stores on Black Friday and scenes from the horror movie World War Z. The funniest thing about the skit was how close to the actual programming on Fox it was.

Cecily Strong was also featured in the opening skit. She played Judge Jeanine Pirro. And she too was spot on. Strong’s Pirro told the audience that the caravan was full of “everyone you’ve ever seen in your nightmares … Guatemalans, Mexicans, ISIS, the Menendez brothers, the 1990 Detroit Pistons, and several Babadooks.” Hilarious, yes. But not too far off from what Trump said about “unknown Middle Easterners” being in the caravan.

McKinnon also took some shots at Laura Ingraham for losing her sponsors earlier this year. McKinnon’s Ingraham thanked her sponsors, “Warm Ice Cream,” “My Hemorrhoid Doughnut,” “Medical Sneakers,” and “White Castle: ‘A castle for whites? Yes please.’”



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