Steve King Absolutely Loses His Sh*t When Constituent Asks About The Pittsburgh Massacre -VIDEO

Republican Rep. Steve King has been under fire this week for his racism. And it looks like the heat is really getting to him. He absolutely exploded at this constituent for asking a question about white nationalists.

On Thursday Steve King (R-IA) held an event for reporters and members of the public at a candidate forum in Des Moines, Iowa. The forum was part of series with the Des Moines Partnership. And it didn’t go well for King.

A constituent in the room asked the congressman a question about the mass shooting that took place at a Pittsburgh synagogue last weekend. And King lost his shit.

The man pointed out that the Pittsburgh shooter and King use very similar rhetoric when talking about immigrants.

“They bring invaders in that kill our people. I can’t sit back and watch our people get slaughtered,” the man said, reading a quote from the shooter.

Then he read a quote from King himself that had eerily the same tone as the shooter’s words. “We can’t restore our civilization with other people’s babies,” King was quoted as saying.

The man then said directly to King, “You and the shooter both share an ideology that is similarly anti-immigration.”

At that point King interrupted him and yelled, “Do not associate me with that shooter!”

“I knew you were an ambusher when you walked into the room,” King continued. “There is no basis for that. And you get no question. And you get no answer.”

When the constituent pressed, King shouted, “No! We’re done!”

The man persisted trying to ask King whether or not he was a white nationalist. But King refused to answer the question and had security throw the man out of the room.

How hard would it have been for King to simply say no when he was asked if he was a white nationalist? It doesn’t seem that tough of a question. But King just couldn’t do it.



Featured image via screengrab from video

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