Walmart Asks Mississippi Republican for Donation Back After Public Hanging Comments

Things just keep getting worse for Cindy Hyde-Smith. Now donors want their money back. And the Democrat in this race is poised to pull a major upset.

On Tuesday CNBC reported that Walmart asked Mississippi Republican Senate candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith to return its campaign donation following a major backlash. People across the country were furious after a video went viral of Hyde-Smith joking that she wanted to attend a public lynching.

In the video Hyde-Smith tells a local rancher that if he invited her to a public hanging she would be on the front row.

Will and Grace star Debra Messing was one of the people who made public statements about Hyde-Smith’s hanging comments. And she pointed out on Twitter that companies like Walmart made campaign contributions to the woman after she made the outrageous comments.

Election finance filings show that Walmart gave Hyde-Smith $2,000, including a $1,000 donation made a week after her hanging comment.

Walmart responded to Messing’s tweet, saying that they “completely” understood her concerns about their donation to Hyde-Smith.

In a tweet Walmart said, “Sen. Hyde-Smith’s recent comments clearly do not reflect the values of our company and associates. As a result, we are withdrawing our support and requesting a refund of all campaign donations.”

Given Mississippi’s long history of public lynchings of African Americans, Hyde-Smith’s comments were bad enough. But they’re even worse when you consider that she is running against a black man.

Walmart is actually the third company this week to ask the Republican for their money back. Both Union Pacific and Boston Scientific asked for their campaign contributions back on Monday.

Hyde-Smith also took a lot of heat last week when another video surfaced of her saying that she supported voter suppression efforts. She said, “And then they remind me that there’s a lot of liberal folks in those other schools who … maybe we don’t want to vote. Maybe we want to make it just a little more difficult. And I think that’s a great idea.”

Following the backlash Cindy Hyde-Smith said again that she was just “joking.”

Now that she’s having to give back campaign money I wonder if she still thinks that all of this is funny. Something tells me that she won’t be laughing next week when she faces Democrat Mike Espy in a runoff election. Here’s hoping that Espy can pull the upset on this racist hateful woman.

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