Trump Junior’s White House Nickname Shows The Total Contempt Staffers Have For Him

Donald Trump, Jr.

White House staffers’ behind-his-back nickname for Trump Jr. shows that contempt for the president’s oldest son is not confined to Democrats, Antifa, or a looming witch hunt. 

Editor’s Note: Samuel Warde is the editor-in-chief of Liberals Unite (recently re-branded as The Art of Living) as well as a contributor to Mindy Fischer, Writer. The opinions expressed in this commentary are his own. You can view a list of his articles here.

The walls continue to tumble around Trump as both federal and state level investigations and lawsuits appear to be closing in on him. The Washington Post reported this weekend that: “Two years after Donald Trump won the presidency, nearly every organization he has led in the past decade is under investigation.”

Wired followed up with a similar report on Monday  stating that “it’s increasingly clear that as 2018 winds down, Donald Trump faces a legal assault unlike anything previously seen by any president,” as Trump & Co. are confronted by “a total of at least 17 distinct court cases stemming from at least seven different sets of prosecutors and investigators.”

As one might expect, Donald Trump Jr. finds himself at the center of several of those prosecutions and investigations. Indeed, as Mindy Fischer, Writer, reported a couple of weeks ago, Don Jr. reportedly fled to Canada a couple of weeks ago to avoid – cough, cough – “microphones.” In short and without the spin by associates: he was anticipating an eminent indictment and was concerned about the media spotlight.

Donald Trump Jr’s Russian Email Dominated The News Back In July 2017

MSNBC reported at the time that: “After Donald Trump Jr. released a string of emails showing he was offered & wanted damaging information from Russia on Hillary Clinton, the White House is reportedly in chaos.”

Calling the situation a “Category 5 Hurricane,” The Washington Post reports that “The White House has been thrust into chaos after days of ever-worsening revelations about a meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a lawyer characterized as representing the Russian government, as the president fumes against his enemies and senior aides circle one another with suspicion, according to top White House officials and outside advisers.”

Conservative website The Right Wing Scoop reported that the “White House [is] in CHAOS, panicking to figure out who leaked NYT story…”

Another conservative website, The Weekly Standard, reported that “The Trump administration has forfeited the right to be trusted on Russia,” adding that “Whether the media has unfairly targeted the president and his advisers over their dealings with Russian officials is now beside the point.”

Donald Trump Jr’s White House Nickname Revealed

In the midst of all this drama, a small portion of a late 2017 article by the Daily Beast stands out as it revealed the contempt White House staffers have for Trump Jr. in calling him “Fredo” behind his back.

The series of revelations surrounding Trump Jr.’s communications with Russian officials have damaged his standing within the president’s political inner circle. As The Daily Beast reported on Sunday, opinion of Trump’s eldest son among some of Trump’s senior aides, both past and present, is vanishingly low. Since the campaign, a popular, behind-his-back nickname for Trump Jr. among these advisers has been “Fredo,” referring to Fredo Corleone, the insecure and weak failure of a son in The Godfather series who ends up causing major damage to the family. [emphasis added]

Continuing, The Daily Beast added that:

Over the past week, one senior White House official and a former top Trump campaign aide both independently and bluntly described the president’s son as an “idiot” — one who played a role in the campaign and Trump’s political rise simply because he “shares the same DNA,” the official noted. [emphasis added]

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