Democratic Candidate in GA Drops out Ensuring a Q-Anon Nutjob Will Serve in Congress

Democrat Kevin Van Ausdal was running against Qanon wingnut Marjorie Taylor Greene for a Georgia US House district. But on Friday, the Democrat dropped out of the race, all but guaranteeing that an openly insane conspiracy theorist will serve in the Congress next year.

Georgia’s 14th congressional district is a very red part of the state that was a long shot for the Dem. However, considering all of the whacky and offensive things the Republican has said, he couldn’t be counted out. But now a woman who believes that Hillary Clinton is running a child sex ring in the basement of a DC pizza parlor is going to sit in the US House of Representatives. And she will do it with the full support of the president.

Van Ausdal’s campaign manager told the AP that the Dem was dropping out of the race for “personal and family reasons.”

Had he dropped out sooner, perhaps another candidate could’ve replaced him. But on Friday, the Deputy Secretary of State said the window had passed for that. According to Georgia law, candidates who withdraw less than 60 days before an election can’t be replaced on the ballot.

Van Ausdal said that he would be leaving the state of Georgia, so he would’ve been disqualified anyway.

The Democratic Party of Georgia isn’t giving up just yet, though. They are asking the Secretary of State to disqualify the Democrat so that they can name a replacement. It seems like a long shot, but I guess it’s good that they’re at least trying to put up a fight.

Barring something miraculous happening, the bat-shit-crazy Qanon woman will be a member of Congress next year. The best thing we can hope for at this point is that the Democrats hold the House so that this nutjob never gets any significant power.


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