Republican Investigation Into Joe and Hunter Biden Found No Wrongdoing

Okay, first of all, why the hell are Senate Republicans spending millions of taxpayer dollars on a bogus investigation to help Trump win the election by digging up foreign dirt on his opponent? What kind of bullshit is that?? The whole thing is blatantly corrupt.

But even beyond that, they promised there would be a smoking gun showing that Joe Biden is “unfit for office.” Well, the sham investigation is complete. And that smoking gun? Nowhere to be found. In fact, they found that there was no wrongdoing or improper influence by either Joe or Hunter.

Republicans on the Senate Homeland Security and Finance Committees delivered their 87-page report on Wednesday, and it reads like straight-up Russian disinformation. There are all sorts of unfounded allegations but no proof to back up their claims.

Republicans Have Been Making Big Promises That They Couldn’t Keep

The Senate panel’s chairman Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), has been making appearances on Fox News and right-wing press for weeks boasting that his committee was finding evidence to prove Biden’s “unfitness for office.”

Now I know this won’t come as a surprise to anyone, but Johnson and his band of Republicans lied. They had nothing. So they wasted all of that money to put together a partisan political report full of unproven accusations, most of which echo the crap Trump spews.

And speaking of liars, the Trump campaign also comes out of this looking like fools. They’ve been fundraising off of the promise of “explosive new revelations” in the Republican report. Their big find was that Hunter received large sums of money from foreigners. The problem is that all 10 of the witnesses in the investigation testified that neither Joe Biden nor anyone else changed American policy because of his son.

Dems Released a Rebuttal Report

Democrats on the committees released their own rebuttal report. It accuses Republicans of cherry-picking and lying about their findings. It also shows that the Republicans abused their power.

The Dems wrote, “Every witness stated that Hunter Biden and his associates had no role in the formulation of U.S. policy, that Hunter Biden’s role did not influence U.S. foreign policy decisions, and that Vice President Biden carried out U.S. foreign policy in the interest of the United States.”

This whole line of attack is so hypocritical of the GOP. They’re all upset that Hunter Biden made money while his father was in office. You know who else is doing that right now? Yeah, Trump’s spawn. In the first three years of Trump’s presidency, the Trump organization being run by his two sons made nearly $2 billion in foreign money. And then there’s always Ivanka’s Chinese patents.

Donald Trump is the most corrupt president this country has ever seen. He’s also a king of projection, and he’s trained his Republican toadies to do the same. All of their fingers pointing at Biden for some imaginary wrongdoing makes me believe that they are just covering for their own crimes.

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